Jonathan D. Peterson

Full Stack Web Developer

Specialization in Python Flask


I am a person who doesn't like to do the ordinary but wants to excel at any project that I am doing. I had a teacher once tell me, "You get out of something as much as you put in". This is why I don't like to do the bare minimum with things but want to provide the best I can. I'm an avid learner and when I don't know how to do things, I go and discover how to do it.

I am focusing on designing Python Flask web application to be deployed onto Amazon Web Services EC2 servers. I also am working to focus on AWS Certifications. I am working on studying for the Solutions Architect - Associate, and then focus on obtain the other two associtate certifications (Developer and SysOp Administrator).



HTML5 ●●○
CSS3 ●●○
Ajax ●○○
JavaScript ●○○
jQuery ●●○
Python ●●●
Java ●●○
PHP ●○○
Ruby/Rails ●○○
Python/Flask ●●○
AngularJS ●○○
Illustartor ●●○
Photoshop ●●○
Networking ●●○
Linux ●●○
AWS - Solutions Architect ●●○
AWS - Developer ●●○
AWS - SysOps Admin ●○○


Udacity - Online
Nanodegree in Full Stack Web Development
• Learned to create solid back end web design using Python
• Learned to created web responsive websites.
2016 - 2017
Coleman University - San Marcos, CA
Certification in Web Media Design
• Learned to do Front End Web design.
• Learned the aspects of Graphic Design
2011 - 2012

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